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Great Multifunction Pedometer

Got this a couple months ago and feel lost when I don't have it with me. The fact it can just sit in my pocket is great. Read more

Published 2 days ago by MLB

Some problems but worth getting

Every pedometer I've ever used has had drawbacks. This one is no different, but I still highly recommend it.

If you are running or walking briskly the unit is very good. Read more

Published 3 days ago by Munster

CAUTION - Hold on to your Pedometer!!!

This is a really slick pedometer ... meeting my criteria for purchasing the pedometer. One word of caution ... Read more

Published 3 days ago by getravel

Prompt delivery and works as expected.

If we calibrate it properly, this is a good step counter. Calibration counts in multiples of 6, till 48. The manual doesn't say much about it.

Published 4 days ago by Mini Ramachandran

Keeps me moving

I have been a walker most of my life. I decided to strive for 10,000 steps a day because I have found that when I do, my joints function better. Read more

Published 7 days ago by Pattie grannie

excellent pedometer

I replaced my Omron two axis pedometer with this one since I left the the two axis in my jeans and washed them. Read more

Published 10 days ago by B. L. Huffman

Missing An Important Feature

This pedometer doesn't have a reset button, which seems like an obvious feature. As the user, you can't clear the counters (steps, miles, calories, etc. Read more

Published 10 days ago by JMF Red

Nice and small.

Sure do love the size of this pedometer. I wear it on my bra, no one can tell! Miss the fact that it does not tell the time spent in aerobic motion, but I check my watch before I... Read more

Published 11 days ago by Kay's Twin

Love it!

I love this but I lost mine. I guess my only complaint would be no way to secure for the ladies😞

Published 12 days ago by C. Carpenter

Great pedometer for the price

Like the features of showing steps, aerobic steps, miles, etc. Using for a Wellness Walking event. One downfall, a few of the employees have lost theirs. Read more

Published 12 days ago by Joanne Bartz

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Better but not BestJune 13, 2012

By Adam Rust VINE™ VOICE

Color Name:Black| Size Name:OS|Amazon Vine™ Review (What's this?)

I have had four different pedometers in the last five years. I think they are fun and I believe that they do have the effect of making me walk more. Every one of those pedometers has been made by Omron. Omron seems to have the pedometer space locked up. So, in writing this review I want to spell it out that the choice is probably not between Omron and another brand but rather between this Omron and another.

The HJ-321 is a sensitive pedometer that does a great job of differentiating between motion and steps. This is its real strength. Today I went for a "walk" in a museum. While I did move my feet, most of my movement was made up of small shuffles and not of real steps. The HJ-321 ignored by shuffling. Although I spent two hours on my feet in the exhibit, the HJ-321 only counted about 500 steps. If sensitivity is good, then its size is also a plus. This is a very small object. It is not obtrusive at all.

It has the advanced functions that were not available a few years back: aerobic steps, 7 days of memory, and calories burned. It also has regular steps and distance, but of course those have been standard for years. The LED goes blank when you are not using it but the system is still tracking your steps.

My all-time favorite Omron is the HJ 112. That pedometer has the same advanced functionalities but it differs in how you use it. It is easier to check your steps, because unlike the HJ 321, its LED is always on.

The main difference is how you keep it on your body. The 321 has a very small clip. It does not seem trustworthy. Pedometers tend to get lost. Indeed, I lost my previous three pedometers. The 112 had a great clipping system that easily affixed to a belt, a waistband, or a pocket. My 112 remained on my body for over a year. I doubt that the 321 will last that long. For me, keeping the pedometer is the defining difference-maker. A lost pedometer, even one with lots of features, is not useful. I think the 321 does great things, but it doesn't have a good clasp and so I would not recommend it to another stepper. The 321 is better than many other pedometers but for the same price you can get the 112.

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Like a stripped-down, much-cheaper Fitbit June 27, 2012

By plyopowerd

Color Name:Black| Size Name:OS|Amazon Vine™ Review (What's this?)

I received this shortly after I got a Fitbit, so I got to compare the two. They're both very lightweight and work similarly, in that you can put them in a pocket or bag or clip them on anywhere, unlike other pedometers that have to be positioned a certain way. Unlike the Fitbit, the Omron has to be calibrated by measuring your steps and entering the measurements; Fitbit guesses your step length based on your height, or you can enter steps manually. I found that Fitbit counts about 10 more steps on average than the Omron, but the Fitbit is better at tracking when you're fairly active and very active, even for just a few minutes. Omron only counts "aerobic" steps if you take more than 60 steps per minute for 10 minutes.

Both of them require you to push a button to see the display - I'd rather have that than have the battery run down quickly. Fitbit's backlit display is easier to see in a dim room while the Omron's is much easier to see outdoors or in bright light. Both also have distance, calories and time of day.

Of course, the Fitbit has the extensive online tools and graphs, and mobile apps, that the Omron doesn't have, thus the vast price difference. But if you're not going to use all that, then this is a good alternative. I also like how you can see information for the past seven days on the Omron by pushing a button; the Fitbit stores that info but you can only see on the device the steps for the past day.

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Accurate and easy to use June 21, 2012

By M. Kooiman VINE™ VOICE

Color Name:Black| Size Name:OS|Amazon Vine™ Review (What's this?)

I have several pedometers from very good to horrible. The very good pedometer accurately counts my steps while I am walking. However it also counts steps if it is just sitting in my car. I compared the "good" pedometer to this Omron HJ-321 and Omron wins. It accurately counted my steps as I walked around the house and up and down stairs. As it rode in the car for an hour to work, it counted 12 steps while the "good" pedometer counted over 200. I attached a strap to it with a clip so I could have a backup in case the enclosed clip failed. The clip that comes with this pedometer has teeth kind of like velcro so it clings to the clothing and is not to likely to slip off. The pedometer slides into this clip so if you want to carry it in a pocket, you can just slide it out of the clip. It is small and slender so no one has to know you are counting your steps. One day I carried it in a shirt pocket and another clipped to my waste band. When I took a quick two mile walk, it measured my steps and also counted the time as aerobic steps. I was able to set up my stride length so it also calculated the distance I had walked. For the price, this is a great pedometer. I compared the price of this one to some offered in a large chain department store and for the same price I could get a piece of plastic that requires a small earthquake before it counted steps.

In addition to counting steps here are a couple of other pluses. The display turns off and it continues counting steps so you don't wast battery power. Did I mention it uses a battery? The buttons on the front are almost flush with the ped so you don't accidentally clear your steps during the day. It stores several days of steps so you can monitor how you're doing over time. The only thing missing that I wish it had was the ability to upload my steps to my computer. For that I would expect to pay a lot more.